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Go Ahead and Scrub my Mouth Out

The recent release of a new app, CleanReader, has created quite a stir in the indie writing community. The app replaces any profanity in a book with euphemisms, offering a choice between Clean, Cleaner, and Squeaky Clean settings. Many writers … Continue reading

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On Clumsiness, and Balance

The House Girl by Tara Conklin Publication: Traditional Genre: Literary Verdict: No The House Girl is a dual story. One narrative takes place in 1852, and it’s about Josephine, a slave about to make a run for her freedom. The … Continue reading

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Technician’s Life: Thoughtcrime

A few weeks back, rumors were flying about the internet the upcoming Judge Dredd 2000 AD comic book. The writers had released a couple of panels, apparently depicting Dredd kissing a gay teen. Then the shit storm began. Fans threatened … Continue reading

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