Not His Girl FridayComing Soon!

When farm girl Kitty Carmichael moves to Chicago in the fall of 1928, she’s planning to immerse herself in jazz, modern living, and romance—not murder. But she arrives to find her rich uncle dead, his fortune missing, and his young, half-Japanese daughter, Koko, placed in her care. If she’s to have any hope of meeting her newfound responsibilities, she’s got to find the missing money. And with the help of handsome (and infuriating!) private detective Tom Gallo, she just might do it.

But Kitty isn’t ready for everything the hard-boiled streets of Chicago have to throw at her. She’ll have to test her mettle against an aging socialite who knows more than she’s telling, a scheming aunt who’ll hurt anyone to get what she wants, and a love-struck bootlegger who is almost as charming as he is frightening. Not to mention a killer who isn’t done yet…